Instructional Videos

Setting Up LightBench

The LightBench is easy to get started with. Watch this video for an explanation of the process.

LightBench installation requires a qualification process to ensure things are operating as expected.

A PC with appropriate specifications will need to have Coastal Genomics’ software installed in order to enable control over the LightBench.

When a LightBench is moved, or paired with a new laptop, the camera should go through a calibration. Instructions on how to complete this process can be found in this video.

How to Handle Reagent Kits

Coastal Genomics’ reagent kits come can be easily stored. Learn more about how to properly handle our gel cassettes and loading buffer in this video.

LightBench Functions & Operation

Introduction to size selection on the LightBench.

For QC applications, LightBench can be used to assess the fragment length distribution profile of a sample.

Extraction volumes can be minimized with the use of our In Channel Filter (ICF) device.

The imaging system of LightBench can be leveraged to read solution-based fluorescence assays for precise sample concentration measurements.

LightBench Software and Integration with Robotic Platforms

Our software can be interfaced with in a number of ways. This video showcases how to control LightBench.

There are multiple options for integrating LightBench as a peripheral device to robotic platforms.

NIMBUS Select Maintenance

Proper cleaning and handling of electrode arrays is important. This video provides an overview of the proper way to maintain them.

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